John Malkovich is a Disgrace

The halls of literature are filled with aging university professors who end up having questionable relationships with their students – Michael Chabon’s Wonder Boys is just one.

And the touchy subject also features in JM Coetzee’s Booker Prize-snagging, post-apartheid novel Disgrace, which is now being adapted into a film by Anna-Maria Monticelli for partner Steve Jacobs to direct.

And John Malkovich has agreed to hop aboard to play the greying, twice-divorced academic who launches an ill-advised affair with a student. When it turns nasty, he’s dragged before a board of inquiry, he resigns and flees to his daughter’s farm in the country. He finds a measure of peace there, but the world they live in is becoming a dangerous place and soon they’re under attack…

Jacobs will get his cameras rolling this January, once Malkovich is finished with drama Gardens Of The Night.