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John Lasseter responds to Toy Story 4 rumours

After Tom Hanks' suggestion that they're already "working on it", Pixar head John Lasseter has been grilled by the normally reserved hosts of the BBC's Breakfast show about a fourth instalment of Toy Story .

"We haven't announced anything, so I can't really talk about it" was his official-ish response after agreeing that he found Hanks' gaffe "interesting".

The shuffling, raised eyebrows and awkward humming are certain to get rumour-mongers thinking that an official announcement could be imminent. Check out the video here.

Is it too hard to imagine the perfect Pixar trio becoming a quartet without destroying a little of the magic?

Although, with some critics suggesting that the 'Hawaiian Vacation' short preceding Cars 2 is outdoing the main attraction at the theatres, it may be required.

Will Brave and Monsters University get Pixar back to the heights we know they can scale? Even if they do, Toy Story could just be too valuable a property to be put away in the attic...