JJ Abrams On Lost And Fringe

In an extensive interview on IESB.com (which is well worth checking out), JJ Abrams talks loads about Fringe, Lost Trek and his new show Undercovers, but here are a couple of snippets we found interesting to whet your appetite:

Are the two universes on Fringe finally going to start to collide?

"There is some pretty cool stuff that's going to happen, by the end of the second season. Then again, Jeff [Pinkner] and Joel [Wyman], who are really running the show, have threatened to kill me, if I reveal anything. I will say that the plot that they had, at the beginning of this season, that we all talked about with Akiva Goldsman as well, will be coming to a really cool conclusion. I'm very excited about it."

Would you like to direct an episode of Fringe?

"I would love to. That was before Undercovers popped up, but that doesn't diminish my desire to do it. I never got a chance to work with Josh Jackson, Anna Torv and John Noble, and get in there, so I would still love to do that. It's not something I'm ruling out at all."

Do you feel like Fox is committed to doing a third season of Fringe, despite putting you on Thursdays?

"Despite our time slot, which is always frustrating, they've been wonderfully supportive. I have no complaints at all about how Fox has supported us or dealt with us. Though there's no official news about anything, I'm hopeful that, despite everything, we're holding our own with them."

Is the season going to end on a cliff-hanger?

"It will not end concluding the series."

Is the end of Lost what you thought it would be, from the beginning?

"Oh, no way! No. There are little threads and elements, here and there, but truthfully, when we started it, we didn't know exactly what was in the hatch. We had ideas, but we didn't know to what extent it would be. The notion of The Others was there, but we didn't know exactly what that would mean. Damon hadn't come up with the idea of flash forwards yet. To see where we are and what they've created is insanely gratifying and it's something that no one could have predicted, at the beginning of it. The evolution of it is really part of their glorious experiment of taking a show that we were all, at the beginning, saying, "How do you make this a series?," and to see what Damon and Carlton have done is amazing to me."

You had the idea for the basis of it though, right?

"There were a lot of ideas, but the specificity with which the thing played out was part of that leap of faith that it was going to work. That doesn't mean that you plan everything out. You have big ideas, but when the better bigger ideas show up, you go with them."

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