JJ Abrams tracks down an Uhura for Star Trek

The story and script might be still held behind a force field, but the casting is slowly gearing up to… er… hit warp speed… (sorry) with the announcement that Zoe Saldana has just nabbed the role of Lt. Uhura in Star Trek.

Saldana, still probably best known for The Terminal and Guess Who, will take on the part originally played by Nichelle Nichols. She’d better hope the character is more like the proactive commander seen in the movies, or else she’ll spend the whole film with an earphone jammed in her lughole, relaying messages from other ships and planets.

She joins Zachary Quinto, playing the young Spock and Anton Yelchin as Russian navigator Pavel Chekov. Now what we really need Abrams to do is lock down and announce his Kirk – he starts filming in November, so time is running out. And it’s not like he can slingshot round the sun and travel back in…. Whoops, got a little bit carried away there.

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