Jet Set Radio HD trailer an exclusive look at in-game footage

After teasing a release and then making it official with some screenshots, we finally have an exclusive first look at some in-game footage for Jet Set Radio HD, the high-definition update of the original Dreamcast classic. It looks... well, exactly as we hoped - it's Jet Set Radio, just as we remember it. There's skating, tagging stuff with graffiti , and there's awesome music, except this summer it'll be available in wonderful, glorious HD.

If you're interested in more information you can check out the first screenshots here, where you can also find out information about a contest in which SEGA will be adding 18 fan-made graffiti designs in the re-release. We're hoping our artistically-stellar sketch of "stick figure doing disco" wins, but we wouldn't be all that surprised in SEGA ended up feeling too threatened by our artistic ability to include it.

Hollander Cooper

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