Jessica Alba talks Sin City 2

With work beginning to pick up speed on Sin City: A Dame To Kill For , Jessica Alba has shed a little light on what we can expect from the movie, and how excited she is to return to Robert Rodriguez’s living comic-book.

“I think like you every six months to a year it was like, ‘We’re going to do it, when’s the next one coming?’” says Alba of the long wait for a sequel. “And then at a certain point it was just like OK, I just didn’t believe it.”

“When we actually got the start date and I was there on the set it was like a dream. I was like, ‘Am I really here? Are we really here? OK, just making sure.’ So yeah, it was surreal and I ran into Rosario [ Dawson ] and for all of us it’s really cool. The first was like open the doors and this has been, certainly as an artist, the best experience.”

As for her character, the new film will create an original storyline for Nancy, one that Rodriguez and Frank Miller have been busy creating in order to bring her back into the fold.

“Mine is an original story so there wasn’t a lot to base it off of,” explains Alba, “but Frank [ Miller ] has been drawing. So it’s just crazy. It was neat to see their process, Robert and Frank’s, and their collaboration and what they inspire from each other and get out of each other and what they’re creating. It’s really like the 2.0 version of Sin City and it’s pretty amazing.”

Co-starring Mickey Rourke, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Josh Brolin, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For will open in the US on 4 October 2013.

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