Jessica Alba needs The Love Guru

Mike Myers is used to sexy women being hired to play alongside him in comedies. There have been so many since the days of Wayne’s World that we’re starting to think he has it written into his contract.

The latest actress he’ll throw gags at is Jessica Alba, who has just agreed to play the female lead in The Love Guru. Oh, and Myers’ regular Austin Powers cast member Verne Troyer and The 40-Year-Old Virgin’s Romany Malco will also nab roles.

The guru in question is a new character for Myers, one he’s been developing for some time. Pitka is an American who was left at the entrance to an ashram in India as a baby. Upon his return to the US years later, he finds a lucrative career helping rich couples. His assignment in the film will be to foil a romance between the wife of Malco’s star hockey player and a rival. Alba’s not appearing as the wife, though – she’s playing his team’s owner, while Troyer will play a coach.

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