Jean-Luc Picard returns to conquer the universe in Star Trek: The Next Generation event, The Mirror War

Star Trek: The Mirror War
(Image credit: J.K. Woodward (IDW Publishing))

Return to Star Trek's twisted alt-reality the Mirror Verse in a new year-long comic book event with the characters of Star Trek: The Next Generation. 'The Mirror War' will kick off on this year's Star Trek Day, September 8, with Star Trek: The Mirror War #0. Eight additional issues will follow, along with four spin-off specials spotlighting other members of the TNG crew, making this a 13-part saga over the course of the ensuing 12 months.

(Image credit: Carlos Nieto (IDW Publishing))

Originally introduced in the original '60s Star Trek series, the Mirror Universe is a parallel universe where pretty much every person's morals are the mirror opposite of who you know them to be in the regular Star Trek universe. The Mirror Universe has been visited in all of the major live-action Star Trek series with the exception of The Next Generation, Voyager, and Picard.

In 'The Mirror War,' the conniving Captain Picard is summoned back to Earth to answer for his crimes to none other than the emperor of the Terran Empire. Remember, this is an alternate universe - there's no Starfleet, it's now the domineering Terran Empire.

Long-time Star Trek comic book writers Scott and David Tipton are heading up this event. Artist Carlos Nieto has been confirmed to draw the kick-off Star Trek: The Mirror War #0, with announcements on artists for the other 12 parts expected in the next few months.

"We're absolutely thrilled to return to the Mirror Universe," Scott Tipton says in the announcement. "What's in store for our Mirror Jean-Luc Picard and his Enterprise crew? New faces, new places, and old grudges. Picard's ambitions are grander than ever, and nothing short of the throne itself will satisfy him!"

(Image credit: J.K. Woodward (IDW Publishing))

"In 'The Mirror War,' we'll be seeing what happens when Picard gets hold of information that can change the fortunes of the debilitated Terran Empire," adds David Tipton. "The Enterprise crew will find themselves in positions of potential power and wealth like never before."

The Tiptons have written several Star Trek comic books set in the Mirror Universe including Mirror Broken, Through the Mirror, and Terra Incognita.

Star Trek: The Mirror War #0 (of 8) goes on sale on September 8.

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