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Jason Stathams Killer Elite gets a smashing trailer

killer elite

The first trailer for Jason Statham’s latest action film Killer Elite has busted its way online.

If you’re a fan of dirty fighting and even dirtier visuals, it looks like Elite was made just for you.

Statham plays an ex-special ops agent who is lured out of retirement (aren't they all?) in order to rescue his mentor (Robert De Niro).

That rescue will involve killing three unkillable assassins, who are being led by Clive Owen’s tough-as-nails bad guy.

Promising minimal plotting but maximum thrills, K iller Elite looks like a fun actioner that knows not to take itself too seriously. Just look at Owen’s moustache for proof of that.

The film also gives De Niro an opportunity to throw a few punches, which is always something to be celebrated.

Check out the trailer below…

Killer Elite opens 23 September 2011.