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Japan's Destiny 2 live-action trailer makes up for its lack of Nathan Fillion with sweet dance moves

The Destiny 2 live-action trailer directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts isn't the only one out there, y'know. Japan has its own take on what makes Bungie's universe so captivating, and it's decidedly less heavy on the action, trading slick kills and a smooth-talking Nathan Fillion for sweet dance moves. It's got a decent soundtrack too - I could see it replacing Paul McCartney's "Hope for the Future" single as the unofficial Destiny 2 theme song.

According to a press release, the video actually features 39 Japanese pop stars and dancers, including SHiN from RADIO FISH, YU-YA, MOONYMANG, and Ginyu ForcE. Not that you'd know who's who, with everyone's face covered up by armor, but hey - if you're into J-Pop, maybe one of your idols is out there dancing up a storm.

Now the only question is: does this live up to the live-action dance commercial for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past? Can anything

Sam Prell
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