James Cameron producing Sanctum

James Cameron might love his 3D filmmaking toys, but he's lending them out to someone else, helping to get underwater drama Sanctum made.

JC will be shepherding the project, which Australian director Alister Grierson is signed on to make for a would-barely-cover-make-up-costs-on-Avatar $30 million.

Sanctum follows a diving expedition gone wrong when a storm forces a group to become trapped in an underwater cave for two days.

It's based on the real-life experience of Andrew Wight, who produced a short documentary about the incident 20 years ago and is co-writing the film's script with John Garvin.

While Cameron has always claimed that his 3D techniques can be used for straight dramas and not just big spectacle blockbusters, Sanctum will be an interesting test case...

[Source: MTV ]

Can 3D work for an underwater drama? Tell us...

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