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James Bond ban lifted in China

He gambles, he’s sexually adventurous, he’s an enemy of China – and yet, despite James Bond’s moral make-up going against everything the Chinese authorities stand for, censors have passed Casino Royale for cinema distribution, uncut; making it the first Bond in 45 years of the franchise to be seen on the big screen.

It’s big news for Sony, who will push through a massive 470 prints, allowing the film to appear on more than 1,000 screens. Censors are even allowing explanatory dubbing to explain the gambling scenes, which are illegal in China.

Censors are keeping quiet about what aspect of the latest Bond won them over. We like to think it was Daniel Craig’s ace performance, but rumours suggest it was Bond’s new foe – terrorists – that swung the vote.

Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Martin Campbell and producer Barbara Broccoli will attend the premieres on 29 January in Beijing and the following night in Shanghai, and we’re sure they’re all very pleased with themselves.