Jake Gyllenhaal gets Nailed

David O Russell is back. Finally. This time, it looks like he’ll be shouting at Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel, as they’ve provisionally agreed to take roles in his risqué new political satire, Nailed. You can tell it’s risqué and political because the title is a joke. Insert laugh here.

Russell wrote the script with Al Gore’s non-Nobel prize-winning daughter (but still worthy of praise for being part of the Futurama writing team) Kristin, and the plot finds Biel as Sammy Joyce, a socially maladjusted receptionist in small-town America who finds herself overcome with wild sexual urges after a workman accidentally fires a nail into her head.

She then heads off to Washington to battle for the rights of the strangely injured. She hooks up with an ethically dubious congressman (is there any other kind in modern American politics?) who takes advantage of both her urges and her crusade for his own ends.

It’ll all depend on the thesps’ schedules and whether Russell has been to anger management classes lately. Okay, maybe not the last bit…