It's all about the Benjamin

Friday 31 March 2006
The fourth annual WWE Superstar Challenge, held in Chicago yesterday, saw Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin emerge victorious, continuing his stranglehold on the annual SmackDown! vs Raw videogame tournament run by publisher THQ.

Benjamin has won every previous competition - which pits the real-life WWE stars against each other in THQ's official game - and it was the same old story as he overcame MNM member Johnny Nitro in the final in Chicago.

Before the tourney, Benjamin had tipped WWE Champ John Cena and former ECW grappler Stevie Richards to run him close, but both were eliminated early on leaving the 30-year-old resident of South Carolina with a relatively straightforward path to victory.

A crowd of more than 200 hardcore fans attended the show, hosted by SmackDown! general manager Teddy Long and Raw commentator Jonathan Coachman, at the Windy City's illustrious House of Blues.

As well as the tournament itself, those in attendance were treated to a live performance from platinum-selling rockers Shinedown, and some highly amusing verbal altercations between wrestlers Mr Kennedy and Carlito. Other big name competitors included Chris Masters, Edge and Women's Champion Trish Stratus.

Benjamin also won the previous three tournaments in Seattle (2003), New York (2004) and Los Angeles (2005).

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