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DICE continues to tease incoming Battlefield 6 information

(Image credit: DICE)


A mysterious new Twitter account has appeared online, posting footage with several teases related to the ongoing Battlefield 6 mystery. 

Watch below for some cryptic imagery that a) has brief footage of a tank, b) contains the same numerical code that a DICE developer was tweeting out yesterday and c) features music that, when played backwards, reveals itself to be radio chatter from Battlefield 3. 

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What could it all mean? The official Battlefield Twitter account is back online, and also reposted some Battlefield 3 footage in a teasing acknowledgement of its disappearance, suggesting we could be heading back to a modern setting for DICE's next instalment in its acclaimed FPS series. 

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Eagle-eyed Battlefield fans have spotted what could be the first teases for a new entry in the series. Multiple clues on Twitter suggest that developer DICE might have something to show us pretty soon.

Earlier today, Twitter user DANNYonPC discovered that the series’ official account had disappeared from the platform. Searching for ‘@battlefield’ now yields no results, and all of the tweets that used to be associated with that account are now longer available.

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Elsewhere, FPS YouTuber JackFrags posted a new video earlier this week. Towards the end of that video, at the ten-minute mark, there’s a brief audio clip of a clock or stopwatch ticking. That might not mean anything by itself, but it seems to have been accompanied by a comment from a DICE employee.

Back on Twitter, senior designer Niklas Astrand responded to JackFrags’ post with the words “Tick tick tick…”. That almost certainly pertains to the stopwatch at the end of the video, but there’s no word on what it means.

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EA revealed that a new Battlefield game was in the works last year, potentially titled Battlefield 6, when it confirmed a release window in the 2022 financial year, which runs from April 2021 to March 2022. Previous entries have tended to release in the autumn, which would likely mean an October or November 2021 release if DICE were to follow the precedent it’s set in recent years.

There’s been no official word on a new game so far, but reports earlier this year suggest that the series will be returning to a modern setting similar to Battlefield 3, having focused on the first and second world wars for its previous two outings.