It: Chapter 2 does not have a post-credits scene – but details have emerged about Chapter One’s cut Jessica Chastain cameo

It Chapter 2 post-credits scene
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If you're looking for an It: Chapter 2 post-credits scene or even a quick after-credits teaser once the credits have finished rolling, you'll be sorely disappointed. Much like the first Chapter, there is no It: Chapter 2 post-credits scene, which means you're free to go home after the final scene.

However, there is an interesting tidbit of news that’s related to the confirmation of no It: Chapter 2 post-credits scene. Director Andy Muschietti has revealed that the original It was supposed to set up It: Chapter 2 via the medium of a Jessica Chastain-starring post-credits scene.

“Something a lot of people probably don’t know is Chapter One did have the idea to make a post-credit scene,” Muschietti reveals to HuffPost, “which was Beverly Marsh picking up the phone, So, 27 years later, post-credit, you would see a phone ringing. It’s an iPhone, so it’s impossible that it’s 1989, and a hand comes in and the camera wraps around this red-haired back of a head, and we turn around, and it’s Jessica Chastain!”

However, as producer Barbara Muschietti revealed, scheduling conflicts eventually got in the way of something that would have directly bridged the two movies. In its place, we got a deliciously spooky laugh from Pennywise, hinting at his return in the sequel. Fitting, but it could have been oh-so-better.

So, not only are we not getting an It: Chapter 2 post-credits scene (“the idea is that this is over,” said the director), but we were also cruelly robbed of Chastain’s Bev showing up at the end of 2017’s It. This is a sad, sad day for people who – whisper it – think post-credits are often the highlights of the movie-going experience. I know you’re out there. Now you’ll have to leave after the film has finished. Ugh.

Could there be an It supercut on the way? Find out what the director had to say in his interview with sister publication SFX magazine.

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