Is that a Red Skull/Venom mash-up in new Carlos Pacheco Heroes Reborn variant covers?

Heroes Reborn Carlos Pacheco variant covers
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics has released a second set of April 'Heroes Reborn' variant covers by artist Carlos Pacheco in as many days.

This new set of six covers mostly feature the members of the Squadron Supreme who star in the alt-reality event, and the images "offer exciting hints at the backstories behind the Squadron Supreme as well as the dangerous new threats they’ll be facing!" according to Marvel Comics.

Of particular note in the new batch is the variant cover to April 14's Captain America #29, which features who appears to be a Red Skull/Venom character mash-up.

The previous speculation to the character's identity pegged it as a Punisher/Venom mash-up given the skull on his chest, but given the new, more complete look at the symbol and the Hydra agents behind him, the Red Skull seems to be the better bet over the Punisher.

Given the Red Skull's standard quest for power, the combo makes sense on that level as well.

And not for nothing, but the character's look also brings to mind Spider-Man 2099. 

Carlos Pacheco's cover to Superman #654 (Image credit: DC)

Also of note is Pacheco's cover to April 21's Amazing Spider-Man #64 featuring Hyperion and the Hulk, somewhat an homage to his own cover to 2006's Superman #654 with Hyperion replacing Superman of course, and the Hulk replacing a car.

How about you, Marvel and DC readers? Recognize any other Pacheco self-homages among the new images?

Other variant covers in the new group include April 14's Iron Man #8 (Doctor Spectrum), April 21's Captain Marvel #28 (Power Princess) and The Mighty Valkyries #1 (Blur), and April 28's Miles Morales: Spider-Man #25 (Nighthawk).

The Jason Aaron - Ed McGuinness series launches in May. Check out all the new covers in our gallery below.

The original Heroes Reborn was one of the most impactful Marvel Comics events of all time.

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