Is Seth Rogen cloned from Jesus?

Mirrors director Alexandre Aja wants to cast Seth Rogen in a comedy he’s developing called The Gospel According To Jimmy.

According to reports, Aja has been attached to the film for a while, but now he tells Sci Fi Wire that he’s quietly developing it while he works on shooting fish horror remake Piranha 3D.

“This is like a very personal project based on a French book that I'm trying to develop. And, you know, I'm developing it on the side and taking my time, trying to find the best writer, because I don't have the time to write it myself. I don't know how and when I'm going to do it.”

Cloning project

So what’s the plot? It’s a weird one… “You have to imagine, a few years from now, the Republicans want to get back in the White House, and the only thing that they find is like an old cloning project, to clone Jesus from a blood cell on the Shroud of Turin.

“And one subject had survived, and he's fixing pools in L.A., named Jimmy. And they're going to find him and ask him to come back and help them to get back to power.”

And just how does Rogen factor into all of this? Well, for now he’s just Aja’s top choice for the role (let’s face it, he’s probably on every director’s list for a new comedy with a male lead.

Whether it turns into reality is anyone’s guess, but we really want to see it happen – Rogen or not.

[Source: Sci Fi Wire ]

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