Is Megan Fox the Antichrist?

The other day, we put up some new pictures of Megan Fox, in a cheerleader’s outfit . You may have seen them (they’re also in our new issue).

Naturally, as soon as we put said pics up, they started to appear on other websites.

For no good reason, I spent most of a day keeping a vague eye out to see how many sites took our pics and how many bothered to credit/link back to us. (Lots, and not many, in case you’re wondering...).

Presumably then, we’re suckered by every pretty face we meet (and, Hollywood being full of pretty faces, that’s a lot of wool being pulled over our eyes…).

Honestly, she’s quite nice.

5. Megan Fox’s new movie is a bomb. Damn you, El Diablo!

Jennifer’s Body is a (relatively) small film. It had a production budget of $16 million. In less then a week, it had recouped half of that just from the US release.

Even allowing for the marketing spend, it will make its money back just on domestic release. It will then sail into the black on international release.

Better yet, the film’s not bad. It’s actually good fun.

So, no. Megan Fox is not the Antichrist, No horns and no tail (we know, we’ve checked…). Paris Hilton on the other hand…

Who are your own Antichrist nominations? What are your thoughts on Ms Fox? Tell us below...