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Is Josh Hutcherson the new Spidey?

It’s Captain America all over again!

In a sign of how little Hollywood types can do without the media finding out, a new set of casting rumours for the in-production Spider-Man reboot has hit the, ahem, web.

A few months back, HitFix erroneously claimed that Percy Jackson star Logan Lerman was “100 percent locked” as the new webslinger, but he is now said to be out of the swinging, um, running.

So what’s the latest name floating around in cahoots with the role? One Josh Hutcherson, if IESB are to be believed.

Hutcherson has previously starred in a raft of decent films for kids, including Bridge To Terabithia , Zathura and Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant .

He’s now 17-years-old, which makes him the sort of age that Sony are apparently looking for with their reboot.

IESB aren’t confirming either way, though:

We're not saying he has the role. Lerman's name was brought up awhile back (albeit accidentally by the kid himself) and, as we've said a few times now, he fits exactly what Sony is said to be looking for in the role—young, unknown, cheap. Both Josh and Logan fit that description, truth be told.

Next up, we expect that kid from Speed Racer will be reportedly in the running, or maybe the wee fella who played Colin in the Harry Potter films. Hell, maybe we’ll be the new Spider-Man! Yeah, we like the sound of that...

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