Is Daniel Craig Lucifer?

Ian Fleming’s latest 007 recently stated that he hoped signing up for MI6 would help him rake in some hefty cash for plum roles - well they don’t get any heftier than playing the Devil do they…?

This week, thehollywoodnews reported that Craig had been openly chatting about a new project, I, Lucifer on the Casino Royale set. Based on the acclaimed page-turner from Glen Duncan, the story centres on Beelzebub as he is given one final chance of redemption by God.

The man upstairs puts Satan back on earth for one month and if he can keep himself on the straight and narrow, he can come back to earth for good. He’s placed in the body of failed author Declan Gunn and sets about destroying it with enough debauchery to make John Belushi blush - with no intention of sticking around when the trial is up, there can’t be anything on earth to make ol’ red eyes change his ways can there?

“It’s a project that’s come in for Daniel,” his UK management told, “but there’s nothing to confirm at this stage. We should know more in the next month or so.”

Reports suggested that Craig was a shoe-in as Satan, with Ewan McGregor lining up to play Gunn.

Keep ‘em trained at for any further developments.

Source: ( thehollywoodnews )

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