Iron Man VR has finally gone gold ahead of its July release

(Image credit: Camouflaj / Sony / Marvel)

Iron Man VR has officially gone gold, after a few recent delays. 

Developer Camouflaj confirmed the game's status on Twitter today. Even after a release date of July 3 was locked in earlier this month, some players were worried that the game would receive a third delay, perhaps due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It's encouraging to know that the game has finally gone gold, meaning it's functionally finished. It will undoubtedly see some updates after launch, but the game itself is ready.

Alas, it's also still several weeks away. The good news is that a full-fat Iron Man VR demo was released last week, giving PlayStation VR owners a chance to try the superhero sim ahead of time. The demo includes a tutorial mission, and a suite of missions that touch on flight controls and more advanced combat, if you fancy giving yourself a taster of your future crime-fighting career. 

Remember, you need a PS4, the PSVR headset, and two PlayStation Move controllers to play. As it happens, a new PSVR bundle that comes with everything you need is scheduled to launch in the Americas alongside the game, so if you've been looking for a reason to get into VR, this might be your ticket. 

For more on Iron Man VR, check out this chat with director Ryan Payton, who explained why such a specific setup is necessary. "Every player grips the PlayStation Move controllers differently, similar to how everyone doesn't grip a pen in the same fashion," he said. "The player's signature handling of the PlayStation Move controllers has an impact on his or her ability to fly in their intended direction, so we implemented a few – hopefully unnoticeable – features under the hood that help smooth this all out. All credit goes to our engineers for creating some truly black magic tech that powers our controller tracking." 

Iron Man ranks mighty high on our list of the best Marvel movies, so we're eager to take a VR-enhanced flight with the iconic suit.

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