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Invisible, Inc. will release on PC in May and on PS4 later

Much like a Klingon Bird of Prey, or that start-up your business major friend won't shut up about, Invisible, Inc. is finally emerging from stealth mode. Klei Entertainment announced today that its turn-based corporate espionage game will get a full release on Steam on May 12, and will have its "exclusive console debut" on PS4 later on.

Players have been sneaking into Invisible, Inc.'s unique procedurally generated office buildings and mourning their permanently dead agents on Steam Early Access since January of last year, though the game's grown quite a bit since then. Klei marked the announcements with a stylish little trailer that splices CGI scenes and some tense in-game moments.

Don't worry, the corrupted release date section is Klei's way of saying "we don't know when we're going to put it on PS4," not YouTube bugging out.

Klei's best known as the studio behind Mark of the Ninja and gothic survival game Don't Starve, the latter of which hit PS4 in January 2014 as a free PS Plus title.

Connor Sheridan
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