Invincible season 3 is coming sooner rather than later, with voice acting already complete

Invincible season 2
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Invincible season 2 might have only just wrapped up on Prime Video, but season 3 has a very promising update already. 

The news comes courtesy of the official Invincible Twitter account, which announced that Invincible season 3 is definitely happening, that it "should be sooner than season 2," confirmed Battle Beast, Titan, and Invincible himself is returning, and that "voice acting is already complete." It also included a quote from co-showrunner Simon Racioppa: "We are deep in season 3."

That's a very promising update indeed – the gap between season 1 and season 2 was pretty lengthy, spanning a whole three years. Thankfully, it sounds like season 3 will be along much sooner, though we still don't know when exactly. 

"We want every [season three] episode to feel like it's a finale," Invincible co-creator Robert Kirkman previously teased of the upcoming season. "Season three is an absolutely huge season with so many crazy things that you won't expect. And where we leave things at the end of season 3… Oh my god, I cannot wait for people to see that stuff." Sounds like we're in for an explosive time whenever the new season does arrive. 

Racioppa has also teased what's ahead: "You’ve got some new cast members, new stories. We go [to] some crazy places. But we pick up everything that we left hanging in season 2. All the emotional stories that you liked in season 1 and season 2 are continuing."

Invincible seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Amazon Prime Video now. For more, check out our guide to all the most exciting new TV shows coming this year to fill out your watchlist. 

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