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Industry insider claims a battle royale mode will arrive in Battlefield 2042 "in the very near future"

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone
(Image credit: EA)

Battlefield 2042 battle royale mode will reportedly arrive sometime “in the near future” according to industry insider Tom Henderson. 

In Henderson’s latest YouTube video, the industry insider delves into the development cycle of Battlefield 2042 including details about the goings-on at EA and DICE during production. According to the video, a battle royale mode for Battlefield 2042 will arrive "in the very near future." Henderson doesn’t give an exact date for when this will, but does say that it "doesn’t seem like it’s going to be on the cards in the next six months." 

The 30-minute video also delves into a number of other issues which affected EA and DICE during Battlefield 2042’s development from scrapped concept ideas to staff leaving between Battlefield V and Battlefield 2042. However, another claim that stood out to was Henderson's suggestion that the next Battlefield game will be a hero shooter. 

About 28 minutes into the video, Henderson reveals that a past developer has said that the game "doesn’t even have armies fighting, just bands of specialists fighting." Which in Henderson’s opinion, "isn’t innovation, this is just copying the competition." That's something Henderson also brings up at the start of the video where he claims that EA told DICE to just "copy what’s popular" (such as battle royale games like Fortnite) early on in Battlefield 2042’s production.

Despite only being released last month, Battlefield 2042 has received three post-launch updates. The most recent of which released on December 2 and added weekly missions and new Portal options, as well as some quality of life improvements. According to developer DICE, players can expect "one more small update" later this month too. 

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