In honor of PlayStation Trophies syncing faster, here are 7 things they used to be slower than

PlayStation Trophies have taken an astoundingly long time to sync from your console to your PSN account ever since they were first introduced on PS3. If you enjoy sharing your in-game accomplishments online, you are intimately familiar with the "Syncing Trophies with PSN" loading screen. After all these years, Sony says it has finally sped up the process.

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In recognition and gratitude for all of the valuable play time this update will save, here is a brief sampling of all the things that used to take less time than waiting for your PSN Trophies to sync.

Paint drying

Grass growing

Going to the DMV

 Observing tectonic shifts 

Waiting for those clacky balls to stop clacking

Doing old-timey school punishments

Waiting for Godot (to appear in the next officially translated Ace Attorney game)

If you want to rack up some Trophies in greener pastures, check out our list of the best PS4 games.

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