Immortals: Fenyx Rising teams up with Blood of Zeus for a new quest and items

Immortals: Fenyx Rising and Blood of Zeus crossover
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Immortals: Fenyx Rising has teamed up with Netflix's Blood of Zeus series for an in-game crossover, including a limited-time quest and item packs.

The new quest is called "A Tribute to Family", and it will only be playable from today through January 28. You can embark on it as soon as you complete the "Gods and Monsters" quest, and it starts off by talking to a ghost in the Hall of the Gods. If you manage to finish the quest in time, you'll earn the Eagle pendant item and some new customization options for Fenyx, but you'll have to beat Chimera and Cerberus first.

While the quest will only be available for a limited time, you'll be able to buy the new Blood of Zeus weapon pack and character pack whenever you want. They introduce new Blood of Zeus-ian skins for Fenyx's arsenal and armor, with the latter taking cues from the show's Amazonian warrior Alexia.

Both Immortals and Blood of Zeus are directly inspired by Greek mythology, so it's a natural crossover for the two properties - sure, Immortals has more gods providing goofy narration and Blood of Zeus has more bloody character deaths, but they're still in the same ballpark. Now if only they'd both stuck with their original names so we could refer to this as a properly historic Gods & Monsters & Gods & Heroes crossover event. Ah well, we can dream.

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