"I'm not the one to decide," says Hidetaka Miyazaki of Bloodborne 2

(Image credit: Sony/From Software)

FromSoftware president and Bloodborne director Hidetaka Miyazaki says the decision to go forward with Bloodborne 2 isn't his to make, adding that Bloodborne is the closest Souls game to his heart. Speaking with GameSpot from BGS 2019, the developer touches on a number of subjects mostly around Bloodborne, but also the broader Souls universe and game development in general.

Shutting down any notion that he might have insights into Bloodborne 2, which has yet to be announced, Miyazaki says frankly, "Unfortunately, I'm not the one to decide." In a universe where sequels aren't by any means uncommon, it's a bit surprising we haven't even seen a confirmation of Bloodborne 2, especially considering the first game's near-universal critical and popular acclaim. According to the FromSoftware president, the fact is simply beyond his control.

Miyazaki went on to reluctantly choose a favorite from his own gameography, emphasizing the lasting impression he feels with Bloodborne. "if I were to say which one stayed in my heart, it's Bloodborne. It is what most struck me. I believe I did it my way, the way I wanted it," he said.

While Bloodborne seems like his favorite Souls game, Miyazaki says his favorite big boss is Old Monk, from Demon's Souls, who the developer says was a risky move for the time, but one that paid off in the final product.

If you're looking for a reason to jump back into Bloodborne, it's not too late to join the player-run 'Return to Yharnam' Halloween event, which runs until November 5. 

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