Bloodborne 'Return to Yharnam' is a player-created Halloween event

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If there's one game to play during the Halloween season, it's Bloodborne. Even more-so than other games by From Software, Bloodborne's Lovecraftian environments and ghoulish enemies are delightfully in-season. And sure enough, Bloodborne players are organizing the "official" Return to Yharnam Halloween event, a community-run jaunt around the appropriately gothic city of Yharnam where everyone dresses in costume and invades as much as possible.

The official Reddit thread for the Halloween-themed event calls it a return to Yharnam, although plenty of commenters make it explicitly clear that they never left. Even with the subsequent release of Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Bloodborne's charm is enduring. The subreddit's most upvoted comment says "'Return to Yharnam' lol I've never left."

The event runs from October 5 to November 5, and the rules are simple: start a new character, dress to your liking or choose from a list of costumes to assemble, and invade as much as you can. The subreddit explains that the event is being shaped by responses that garner the most upvotes. So far, the community has decided on two unique costumes, the exact start time, and instructed participants to use invasion and resonant bells to "add a lot of life and community vibes to the game for the month we are returning to Yharnam."

The Return to Yharnam Halloween event begins just after midnight on October 5 in no specific timezone. Check out the subreddit for suggestions on costumes or to make your own impact on Bloodborne's 2019 community-driven Halloween event.

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