Iizuka spills NiGHTS Wii beans

We've been speaking to the man in charge of NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, Takeshi Iizuka and, while he's still keeping his cards held firmly to his chest, he has let slip a few interesting titbits.

Firstly, Iizuka explained how Sega is going for the nostalgic appeal with NiGHTS on Wii. It will "keep the game concept fundamentally the same as the original so that it would be a reminiscent return to their past NiGHTS experience." Unlike the original game, which he said, occasionally, wasn't very "user friendly," he explained that "the sequel is built around a dramatic storyline that will engage the player and guide them intuitively through the adventure."

He went on to talk about the controls. "Originally, NiGHTS (for Sega Saturn) was released with a very special 3D controller that intensified the flight experience. With the Nintendo Wii, I thought it would be a perfect chance to attempt to recreate that innovative flight experience once again.

"We're currently designing the game to be played with two control configurations. Our main focus is to design the game to be played with the Wii remote but for those gamers that are more comfortable using a more "traditional-style" controller configuration, they will able to plug the nunchuk into the Wii remote as well."

Talking briefly about how NiGHTS will deal with his foes, Iizuka said, "By "touching" the enemies, NiGHTS can encounter enemies and utilize his special abilities like Touch Dash or Touch Loop. The sequel will utilize the Wii remote to make these actions very intuitive so that the player can easily execute a wide variety of game actions."

All sounds cool.Swoop over to NGamer now to read thefull interview.

April 23, 2007