"I'd love to write for Doctor Who"

Charlie Higson came to town last month, so obviously SFX grabbed the multi-talented comedian, actor and author for a chat. You can read what he had to say about Young Bond in the latest issue of SFX, on sale 14 March, but Higson also found time to talk science fiction, and more specifically, about a famous Time Lord...

"I’d love to write for Doctor Who," Higson confessed to SFX, "but I haven’t been asked. I think it’s brilliant what Russell T Davies has done. He's managed to pull off what I tried to do with the remake of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), which was to bring back fantasy to our screens.

"At the time it seemed to be that the only critical judgement anyone would have on any television programme, whether it was a comedy or a drama, was how realistic it was, which in the end is not the ultimate criteria for making televisual entertainment. So I tried to bring back a sense of fun and fantasy in doing Randall and Hopkirk. Whether we were before our time or I just didn’t get it right, we met very strong resistance with that. People couldn’t quite take on board that you’re not trying to be realistic.

"And old Russell has used many of the actors we used making that – we had David Tennant in episode one of Randall and Hopkirk. So hats off to him, I think he’s done a fantastic job. It’s great that we can have something like that on British TV that’s successful and popular and I know that it’s kickstarted a reawakening of interest in stuff like that. I think what he’s done has been great. It would be fantastic fun to write."