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I Got Next: Transformers writer James Roberts rolls out

The mad resilience of the Transformers series is an anomaly, both inexplicable and totally logical. Cheap, plastic toys sold using shoddy cartoons shouldn't have a shelf life spanning nearly two generations. Nor should they inspire obsessive fandom and billion dollar film franchises. Then again, it's impossible to deny that watching a big red truck turn into a paternal robot is pretty awesome.

Time has proven there's apparently far more to the Transformers than a bunch of easily broken toys and terrible Michael Bay flicks. James Roberts, writer of IDW's ongoing comic Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye, is one artist demonstrating just how potent these characters can be. Psyched up for the upcoming release of Transformers Devastation, we asked Roberts to join us on I Got Next which goes live today at 3:30PM ET/1:30PM PT.

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