I bought this cheap gaming mouse as a holdover. Three years later, I still use it every day

Tecknet Wired Gaming Mouse from above
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I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to gaming mice, I'm not an expert. I know there are some really cool clickers out there sporting innovative features. I know that, like any piece of technology, there are rabbit holes within rabbit holes to investigate if you shop hard enough. Regardless, it's never been an area of gaming hardware I've delved too deep into. 

The gaming mouse I've used for almost three years now costs £18.99 at Tecknet, and although I originally got it as a go-between until I could afford something from a big brand, it's never let me down since. Since becoming a Hardware Editor at GamesRadar+, I've been lucky to test out a lot of incredible new tech, but this mouse is the one part of my setup I haven't felt any need to try and upgrade. 

You may not have heard of Tecknet, but I've been buying its mice since my early teens because they offer some of the most comfortable, affordable, and reliable pointers that pop up from a quick Amazon search. I know there are loads of big brands that will give you premium mice if you're willing to pay for them, but Tecknet's wired gaming mouse is a perfect example of why you don't always need to spend loads of money to get reliable gaming gear.

I've been spending more and more time playing shooters on PC in the last year, and finding the best gaming mouse is essential for those games. Tecknet's option has an unbelievably comfortable design that even has a dedicated groove for your pinky - something I'm not sure I'll ever be able to go without now. On top of that, it has a really classy RGB strip running along its bottom and within its scroll wheel. It has two side buttons you can assign to in-game actions and has five DPI settings up to 8000.

Tecknet Wired Gaming Mouse | £18.99 at Tecknet

Tecknet Wired Gaming Mouse | £18.99 at Tecknet
Cheap gaming hardware that's worth buying and stands the test of time is hard to come by. Considering this mouse costs a fraction of what you'll get from Logitech, Razer, or Corsair, it offers some excellent value. 

Stock check: Amazon

Surprisingly for a mouse this cheap, there's even a sniper button nestled into the end of where your thumb sits. When held down, it drastically lowers your DPI to offer more control when fine-aiming. Personally, I never really use this, but it's cool that Tecknet includes it for those players who would. Honestly, I have enough trouble trying to adjust to mouse sensitivity after years of predominantly playing with one of the best PC controllers

Admittedly, there is some fluff. This clicker does have one other function which is a bit quirky.

It's a firepower button, which creates a triple left click every time you press it. Before we get too deep into the politics of whether that could be classed as a mechanic for cheaters, or we think about how functionally useless it is in most games, let's move on. 

Why I'd recommend Tecknet's Wired Gaming Mouse

Tecknet's RGB branding on its gaming mouse

(Image credit: Future / Duncan Robertson)

There are three main reasons I'd recommend buying this gaming mouse, especially if you're thinking of buying one of the best gaming PCs

The first reason is its reliability. I've been using this product every day since April of 2021, and besides looking a bit unclean, it still functions exactly as it always has. In fact, after comparing it to a new model straight out of the box, it doesn't feel like it's lost any build quality. For a device that cost me less than £20 all that time ago, that is shockingly good value for money. 

Secondly, comfort is king here. This mouse has the perfect shape for a larger hand, and that aforementioned pinky rest is something even the most expensive mice forgo. On the thumb side, there's a really comfortable grip pad that feels like a cushioned rubber or silicone. It feels as comfortable and ergonomic as resting your hand in an Azeron Cyborg, and if you know me, that's high praise.

Thirdly, I just can't fault a mouse this cheap. It is annoying that it's not available on Amazon as I finalize this article because I got it for £12.99. Even so, under £20 from Tecknet's own store is still brilliant value, especially when you can struggle to find gaming mice from big brands for under £100.

If you are keen on one, I'd suggest buying sooner rather than later. Tecknet has made a newer model recently that doesn't look quite as good, and since just last week, Amazon is saying it's unavailable. Tecknet still lists it on its own website, but I'm slightly worried that stock levels are starting to dry up. 

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