I am once again asking you to play the underrated open-world gem Ghostwire: Tokyo now that it's free via Amazon Prime

Ghostwire: Tokyo Spider's Thread
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Ghostwire: Tokyo, the most underrated open-world FPS from last year, is free for a limited time via Amazon Prime.

I was entranced by Ghostwire: Tokyo's haunted metropolis and stories of lovelorn yurei right from the beginning, but earlier this year it got a major update that improved its combat dramatically and added a genius, full-throated horror mission, making it an even easier recommend. I implored you, dear reader, to play it then, but now I'm practically begging, as it's completely free on PC for Amazon Prime subscribers until November 2.

Personally, I'm taking this opportunity to replay Ghostwire: Tokyo from the beginning. We are in the thick of spooky season after all, and I've only played it on PS5, and frankly, it's just the excuse I needed to revisit this world again. 

Honestly, putting aside the absolutely horrific spirits from Japanese folklore, the game is surprisingly chill. Once you get a handle on the abilities and fill out your skill tree, very little in Ghostwire: Tokyo poses much of a threat, so you're free to glide from rooftop to rooftop exploring the massive map, buying snacks from ghost cats at convenience stores, and vibing with dead people in all sorts of fun side quests.

One word of warning I do have, and which I touched on earlier, is that one side quest in particular that takes place in a haunted school is decidedly Not Chill. It's actually one of the scariest missions I've ever played in a game, so approach school buildings with some caution.

If I've managed to convince you, arm yourself with these clutch Ghostwire: Tokyo tips for best success.

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