How to get Hunt Showdown Twitch drops by watching streams

The main Hunt Showdown Twitch drops reward, the Kill Buyer Legendary Hunter
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Hunt Showdown Twitch drops are being released to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the game, and there are some exclusive rewards on offer for those who put the time in to watching streams during this event. The highlight is a brand new Legendary Hunter named Kill Buyer, who had a dark backstory involving dismembering animals down at the Bayou, though there are several more items including three weapons and two weapon charms. You'll need to do some account linking before you can earn these rewards, so here's everything you need to know about claiming the Twitch drops for Hunt Showdown.

How to connect your account for Hunt Showdown Twitch drops

Dates during which the Hunt Showdown Twitch drops will be active

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To be eligible to earn Hunt Showdown Twitch drops, you need to ensure your accounts are correctly connected. This is done through the following process:

  1. Go to the Twitch Drops page on the Hunt Showdown website and click the Link Account button.
  2. Choose to link your Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox account then log in – pick carefully as this is the platform you'll receive your reward on.
  3. On the next screen log in to Twitch then authorize Hunt Showdown to access certain information regarding your account.
  4. You'll then be back on the Hunt Showdown website, where you should see your Twitch account showing as connected.

Make sure you log in with the correct Twitch account that you'll be watching the streams on, otherwise the time you accumulate will not count towards unlocking the rewards below.

How to earn Hunt Showdown Twitch drops rewards

Key art for the Hunt Showdown Twitch drops showing Legendary Hunter Kill Buyer and other rewards

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Once the event starts, you'll be able to earn Hunt Showdown Twitch drops rewards for watching any Hunt Showdown streams on Twitch for a certain amount of time. All of these rewards will be available until March 2, and you can start making progress towards them from the following dates:

  • From February 23: Watch 180 mins to unlock Drop #1 - Legendary Knife "The Marquis"
  • From February 24: Watch 180 mins to unlock Drop #2 - Legendary Bornheim No. 3 "Alley Cat"
  • From February 25: Watch 210 mins to unlock Drop #3 - Legendary Mosin-Nagant M1891 Obrez "The Fifth Tale"
  • From February 27: Watch 210 mins to unlock Drop #4 - Weapon Charm "Gator Eye"
  • From February 28: Unlock and claim Drop #4 and watch 240 mins to unlock Drop #5 - Legendary Hunter "Kill Buyer"

In addition to those rewards, you can also get an exclusive Hunt Showdown Twitch drop by watching streams from "Night of the Hunter" Partners, who you can find listed here. The requirements for that are:

  • From February 23: Watch "Night of the Hunter" streamers for 210 mins to unlock Partner Exclusive Drop - Weapon Charm "Hera's Gift"
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