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Best WWE 2K18 CAWs: How you can play as Ronda Rousey and Shelton Benjamin right now

Shelton Benjamin

After seven years on the independent circuit, former Intercontinental champion – and one-man ladder-match highlight reel – Benjamin returned to WWE in the summer of 2017 as Chad Gable’s new tag partner. The move came too late to be included as an official 2K18 character, but murrell16’s effort is a fine substitute.

Tony Nese

Eamonn120385 is another creator name to keep tabs on across 2K18’s lifetime. His pairing of Maria and Mike Kanellis is worth grabbing from the servers ASAP – but even Smackdown’s soppiest couple can’t match 205 Live cruiserweight Nese for authenticity. Little wonder it’s just passed the 9,000-download mark.

Velveteen Dream

This spot-on interpretation of the man also known as Patrick Clark is the work of GangstaNation86. Veteran fans will definitely want to take a look at his other submissions to Community Creations, too: Cody Rhodes, X-Pac and an 'Alpha Club' alternate attire for Chris Jericho each merit one of your 100 download slots.

Velvet Sky

As a long-time star of rival fed TNA, Sky has never featured in a WWE game – but you can rectify that by downloading this excellent KeMorrison creation. (He’s also made tag partner Angelina Love.) Fun fact: while she’s never been in one of its games, Velvet did appear as an extra on WWE TV on various occasions across 2005 and 2006.

Road Warrior Animal

There’s a strong market for retro tag-teams on the Community Creations servers, and dyn0mytecaw’s interpretations of the Dudley Boyz, Headbangers, and Acolytes are all worth consideration. But it’s his Legion Of Doom CAWs which rank as essential, with Animal so good it’s tough to believe this likeness isn’t an official render.

Kelly Kelly

At time of writing robberr22 has ten excellent female creations available for download, including relative newcomers Sonya Deville and Lacey Evans. It’s old schoolers Michelle McCool, Kelly Kelly and Victoria who’ve scored the most downloads, however, and all three would be worthy inclusions here. Kelly gets the nod simply so I can remind the world that her real name is… Barbie Blank.

CM Punk

Inevitably, there are numerous Punks to choose from on the Community Creations servers – but raiee86’s take on the pipebomb-spouting Chicagoan tops the lot. Make the most of having him in-game, as he won’t be returning to a real ring any time soon after an acrimonious 2014 departure from WWE.

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