Hulk Hogan bares all for Def Jam Rapstar promo. Ewww

You know what the problem is with Def Jam Rapstar? There's not enough of Hulk Hogan's junk in it. Hey, those aren't my words; that's clearly what someone in the marketing team of publisher 4mm Games must have said.

In a brand new promotional video for the rap karaoke game, Hogan is seen playing Def Jam in front of his daughter, Brooke. It seems to be a normal, fun, family moment. That is, normal for any family that has a 57-year-old bronze-colored, big-moustachioed weirdo in it.

Okay, so listening to Hulk Hogan try to rap is kind of funny. I guess. But then near the end of the video Hogan lifts up the edges of his skimpy yellow shorts to expose his genitals to the camera. Luckily for us, the goods are clearly covered with a censor bar.

We can only weep for the video editors that had to put this together. We'd feel sad for Brooke too, but she's got a budding film and music career so that's kind of worth the experience of having a guy like Hulk Hogan for a dad.

Maybe it's not that bad when it's all edited down, though. You be the judge:

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