Hugh Jackman reveals Logan's R-rating isn't *just* because of the violence

Logan may be R-Rated, but it’s not for the reasons you might be thinking of. Yes, there’s more blood than you could shake an adamantium stick at, but, according to Hugh Jackman, it’s the heavy subject matter that’s the real reason for the R-rating.

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Jackman, who is donning the claws for the final time in Logan, had this to say to SFX Magazine about the controversial rating: “It’s not R rated because of the violence, though there is R-rated violence in it… That rating is about the subject matter, the way the characters are treated as well as the way violence is depicted,” before laying out how Logan fits into comic book movies as a whole, “I think this is far more realistic than anything we’ve done before in the X-Men franchise and maybe other comic-book movies, far more human.”

In fact, Jackman has never really been behind Logan being PG-13, as he explains, “Every time for the last 17 years I’ve seen PG-13, a little part of me has winced, going ‘Wolverine would never be in a PG-13 movie.’”

R-Rated or not, Logan is going to take you on an emotional rollercoaster; Jackman wants the audience to feel every drop of emotion: “Hopefully it’s a movie that touches people. Yeah, it’s exciting – but as they’re walking out, I’m hoping they’ve gone through the wringer!”

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