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Hugh Jackman considering Real Steel

Hugh Jackman might be be busy on Broadway right now, but he's still considering film roles - and he's looking to star in DreamWorks Real Steel.

The drama, which just nabbed Shawn Levy as a director after Peter Berg moved on, focuses on a former fighter living in a world where boxing has been outlawed as too violent, except for gladiatorial robots.

Jackman's former fist-slinger becomes a down-on-his-luck promoter whose droids tend to lose because they have sub-standard parts. But then he discovers a machine that never loses, and, as he follows its progress, he also gets a chance to bond with the son he just discovered.

It's based on a Richard Matheson short story, and has cropped up in the past as a Twilight Zone story, though we figure with DreamWorks' resources behind him, Levy's effort will be a little more effects heavy.

The studio wants the film shooting before next summer...

[Source: Variety ]

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