How to watch the Destiny 2 reveal stream today

Thanks to some newly leaked and datamined information, we have a good idea of what Bungie has in store for Destiny 2 in the immediate future. But nothing's been confirmed and plenty of questions remain, so you'll still want to know how to watch the Destiny 2 reveal today, and we've got you covered. 

Today's reveal is being broadcast via Bungie's Twitch channel, Youtube, and Mixer. Bungie previously teased that it will unveil a "new era" for itself as well as "the next chapter" in Destiny 2, so you can bet there'll be some hefty announcements. This reveal is especially important as it's Bungie's first time announcing new content since splitting with Activision, Destiny's longtime publisher. Bungie is on its own now, and this stream is its big chance to show us what it's got. 

Here's when you should tune in: 

US West Coast: 10AM PT

US East Coast: 1PM ET


Europe: 7PM CET

The word is that Bungie is teaming up with Google to bring Destiny 2 to Google Stadia, the web giant's upcoming streaming-powered gaming platform. Not only that, Destiny 2 may finally be getting cross-save functionality, though it's unclear which platforms will be supported - PS4, in particular, is reportedly up in the air - and how exactly it would work. Finally, Destiny 2's next big expansion, Shadowkeep, will likely be revealed today, as leaked marketing materials suggest the expansion will arrive this fall. 

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Austin Wood

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