How to watch the Animal Crossing Direct and see your New Horizons unfold

You'll need to know how to watch the Animal Crossing Direct to make sure you get all the latest details about Animal Crossing: New Horizons as soon as they arrive. Good news! If you're here, you're all ready to go.

The livestreamed presentation from Nintendo will begin at 6 am PST / 9 am EST / 2 pm GMT on Thursday, March 20. The broadcast will be beamed out across all of Nintendo's usual channels, and you'll be able to catch all of it via the Twitch embed at the top of this article.

Nintendo says the Direct presentation will last about 25 minutes, and all of that time will be dedicated to showing off the long-awaited next game in the Animal Crossing franchise. We've had a few solid looks at Animal Crossing: New Horizons before, but this will be the first time Nintendo will take a deep dive into how it all comes together before the game comes out - and probably the last time, since its release date is exactly one month away.

Recent retail listings have given us a quick preview of some of the features that Nintendo may show off during the Direct, including the return of the museum. Not the return of its exhibits, mind, you'll still be solely responsible for filling it with fossils and whatever else. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Maybe if we're lucky Nintendo will give us another look at that lovely Animal Crossing special edition Nintendo Switch design. I bet holding the Joy-Cons on that thing is like standing with one foot in Margaritaville and the other in Kokomo.

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