How to make the Best. Game. Characters. Ever

M. Bison’s hat of dictatorship is perfect for any baddie wanting to sport that SS-style suave.

Nemesis: The mug only a mother could love. Well, a blind, mute, deaf mother who’s been chained to a radiator in a remote Alaskan village for a decade and longs for any form of contact. Giant T-virus-mutated monster or not.

Sephiroth’s evil, emo-invested locks. Because pure, unadulterated, ‘eviscerating our least favourite FF heroine-endorsed’ evil is worth it.

Eggman’s moustache of malevolence is the perfect face fuzz for our ultimate baddie. After all, it’s been scaring the Sega-sponsored lives out of annoying blue rodents everywhere for two decades.

Metal Gear REX’s all seeing, death-seeking raydome: ideal when you want to squish meddling, melodramatic super spies.

Bowser’s ‘sit here for some impromptu rectal surgery’ shell makes our baddie almost indestructible from the back.

What better way to protect emotionally deadened juveniles than with a Big Daddy death-dealing drill?

Nothing says ‘evil, smug f*%!er’ better than a crass, overprized peripheral, as used by Dr. ‘suspicious medical degree’ Salvador in Resi 4.

Our evil-doer has to scream pure ‘lock your loved ones in the basement with a continuous loop of Celine Dion songs playing’ bastardness. And nothing screams that louder than G-man’s totally badass briefcase of bureaucracy.

Lan Di’s shirt is clearly the most evil collection of silken Sega pixels ever amassed in the history of games. And, therefore, the only real clothing choice for this dastard.

When you need your megalomaniacal monster to sport that ‘Queen Slug-for-a-Butt’ look, there’s nothing better than attaching a massive, termite-tainted Queen Slug for a butt as the derriere of death.

The pixelated feet that have brought death to Italian stereotypes since 1981 are the logical choice of footwear for our baddie.

David Meikleham
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