How to make the Best. Game. Characters. Ever

Fran’s ears from Final Fantasy XII gives our girl that sexy Playboy Bunny look, minus the disturbing elderly gentleman with the dressing gown hanging around in the background.

The crown of carnality: Peach’s headwear lends a certain class to our babe, but also an annoying tendency to attract overweight megalomaniacal dinosaurs.

Dreadlocks aren’t just for incomprehensible Liberty City drug peddlers. They work equally well on Final Fantasy dish Rikku. And no babe would be complete without that windswept shampoo chic.

Don’t tell us the suggestive bedroom eyes of Birdo don’t get you going. What’s that you say? Yoshi in drag? Oh.

Candy Kong's pillow-like monkey lips are totally sexy. Well, as long as you can get past the hair issue. And the stench of rotting banana.

Granted, Lara’s arms probably weren’t the element from gaming’s first lady you were expecting us to use. But c’mon, we’re not perverts. Anyway, girls with guns – especially ones who kick tigers in the face – are sexy.

Ivy’s heaving bosom. That is all.

Ludicrously skimpy, gravity-defying bodices are not only brilliantly inappropriate for fighting hordes of demons in Devil May Cry 4, they’re also the perfect libido-lifting garment for this babe. Cheers for the lend Gloria.

Rachel’s PVC boots off death give of that air of ass kicking heroine by day and ninja-arousing dominatrix by night. Do we know classy or what?

David Meikleham
Google AMP Stories Editor

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