How to make a Borderlands paper craft mask

Above: A closer look at the psycho bandit mask

Check outbotman%26rsquo;s postfor more details about his project, tips on when you should opt for more %26lsquo;gentle%26rsquo; folds, and a link to theprintable patternso you can make your own. You%26rsquo;ll also find some handy suggestions on the gear you should use to make a proper psycho bandit Halloween costume with the mask. Note that you%26rsquo;ll need a copy of PePaKuRo Viewer in order to open and print botman%26rsquo;s pattern. Fortunately, it%26rsquo;s free and you can find ithere.

Sep 9, 2010

Source:Gearbox Software%26rsquo;s game forum

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