How to destroy every single robot in Horizon: Zero Dawn and The Frozen Wilds


If you’re feeling benevolent you can simply fire a couple of arrows at the large claw holding the massive canister to their back. The canister will pop out, you can sprint in and pick it up and then flee. If not, I recommend attacking from the behind as much as possible. Their pincers make for some devastating frontal attacks, but luckily they’re pretty slow. Disable these bits first, then make sure you stay behind it to get the most strikes in with the least risk possible. 

Fire Bellowback

These big guys are pretty deadly, especially if they hang out with a crowd of other, more nimble beasts like watchers. Either they’ll charge at you and make a huge dent in your health, or shoot flames out of their mouth and fry you from a pretty impressive distance. Use your ice attacks on its body to freeze it, then take out the big blaze cargo sac on its back to take out its flamethrower. Use flame arrows to cause a massive explosion if you have a flair for the dramatic. When it lifts its head up to use its flamethrower aim for the green glands around its neck, as - unfortunately for the Bellowback - these respond well to being shot repeatedly. 

Freeze Bellowback

These guys, as you’ll have guessed, use frost instead of fire. Frost makes anyone it hits much more susceptible to damage, so you’ll understand why they should be avoided unless you want a tricky fight. Like the Flame Bellowback, aim first for the giant container of liquid on their back to cause a huge explosion - fire arrows come in handy here as frost types are often susceptible to it. Then don’t forget to target the glands either side of its head to take out its spewing-frost-and-death attack. 


Chargers…well, they charge at you. So dodging is pretty essential with this fight. They're like big rams, and when alerted they'll speed towards you astonishingly fast. Treat them like more aggressive Broadhorns, aiming for the horns and the blaze canister on its hindlegs. Also consider tying some down with a ropecaster, as they’re a melee-based attacker and will be helpless when they have their face planted in the grass. 


Not nearly as creepy as their human counterparts, Stalkers love to ambush. They can literally turn invisible. Fun. Watch for the telltale water-like sheen in the bushes, and fire off a couple of tearblast arrows to disable their invisibility. These critters move fast, so whilst you’re busy rolling and putting some distance between you and them, aim for their yellow section on their haunches to cause the most damage. They throw themselves sideways when they leap, so don’t stop moving just because they’ve landed. They also spew out mines which will make a really loud screech when you step on them, alerting them to your position. Yay. Make sure to keep an eye on the ground for any red beams of light whilst you’re running around. 


The Glinthawk is a majestic beast, soaring high above the land and pelting you with deadly snowballs from above. Luckily for you, it's weak against fire, so use whatever flame abilities you have to take them out. They're also much easier to deal with once they’re grounded, so use your ropecaster a few times to ensnare them, and rush in for a critical hit or some free shots from your bow and arrows. Watch out for their swooping attacks (it’s worth investing in a long roll perk to get out of the way fast) and aim for their chest to disable their frost attack, or their wings to ground them quickly. 


TL; DR: Kill it with fire! Corrupters are vulnerable to the stuff, so your priority should be fire arrows. A giant cylinder on top of their metal bodies spews out grenades, and taking it out is the best way to minimise grief for yourself later on in battle. Keep dodging and rolling, and watch out for its rock-throwing attack - hit its tail to disable this pesky trick. It’ll jump up high and try to land on you, so when you’ve baited it, get ready to fire off a flurry of arrows once it’s grounded. A good trick is to set a trap where you are, and then roll away at the last second so it triggers a beautiful explosion. Just don’t let it land on you. 


Ravagers are essentially bigger, deadlier versions of scrappers - they've got a super-fast close-range attack, and a cannon mounted on their side to kill you from afar. They're weak to a variety of abilities - fire on the body, ice on the freeze canister on their stomach, shock on the power cell on its back, and armor-piercing on the cannon itself. Fun fact: if you shoot off its cannon, you can pick it up and use it yourself. Handy in a pinch.


Massive, angry crocodiles that always move in packs of at least two, your first priority should be aiming at them from a distance as they can get up close surprisingly fast. First - and this is critical - use a bunch of tearblast arrows to blow off their armour, because if you don’t you won’t stand a chance against them. Seeing as they have a frost attack they’re vulnerable to fire, but if you use some precision arrows to aim for the glands underneath their head (they’ll lift their head up before firing frost at you) you can cause a snowy explosion, rendering them frostbitten and susceptible to extra flame damage. If they get close they’ll hit you with a tail attack, so you want to stay as far away as possible. 


The Rockbreaker is a formidable foe, digging its way underground and popping out without warning to try and slice at you with its many, many buzzsaws. Taking this guy out can turn into a battle of attrition, as you use freeze attacks to slow it down, and then follow up with armor piercing shots to chip away at its digging arms. If you can get a good shot at its fuel sac on its underbelly, you'll do a decent chunk of damage, too.