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How Are Those US TV Telefantasy Pilots Going Down?

Deadline has the inside skinny on how network bosses are reacting to the current crop of US pilots that are being screened for their consideration at the moment. Here’s a brief round-up of the projects that interest us

Click on the links to get synopses and lists of the talent involved

POE word is the 1840s crime drama is one of ABC topper Paul Lee’s favorite pilots

ONCE UPON A TIME Encouraging early reaction for the magical tale about a village housing classic fairytale characters, which is described by an insider as “ Lost in tone and Pushing Daisies in look”. The pilot also is expected to get enthusiastic thumbs up from the Disney leadership because of the big synergy potential as it features classic Disney characters as Snow White and Prince Charming. Ginnifer Goodwin is getting great marks for her performance as Snow White, with Jennifer Morrison also looking good as the lead.

THE RIVER The final cut hasn't been delivered yet but early buzz is encouraging for the horror thriller in the vein of Paranormal Activity .

HALLELUJAH Reaction to Marc Cherry’s soap with spiritual elements has been mixed. Because it comes from Cherry, it should not be discounted, with some suggesting a retooling for midseason as a possibility.

UNTITLED SUSANNAH GRANT project directed by Jonathan Demme is "looking strong”.

THE SECRET CIRCLE is decribed as “separating from the pack”.

HEAVENLY appears strong

AWAKENING has had only so-so testing despite a very strong script, probably because of the departure from the CW’s brand of teen soaps it represents.

GRIMM appears stronger than the similarly themed 17th PRECINCT .

WONDER WOMAN No news yet – it’s still in post-production, but a pick-up seems likely.

? REM came in solid.

ALCATRAZ has cooled off, but “has loyal fans among the higher-ups”.

LOCKE AND KEY isn’t looking hopeful (shame, we realy liked the sound of this one).

TOUCH is “all but assured a series order”.