Hot Fuzz sequel ideas revealed by Simon Pegg

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No luck with that Hot Fuzz sequel then? Simon Pegg, who played Nicholas Angel in the middle filling of the Cornetto Trilogy, has spoken out about what the follow-up story would have looked like, as well as plans for a spin-off.

“I think it's the one film out of those three movies that lends itself to a sequel,” Pegg said during an interview with MovieWeb. “We already joked about having a Crocodile Dundee reversal of it being Danny in the city... The hypothetical sequel would be Danny and Angel in the big city together.”

Super-cop Angel going back to London with the country bumpkin Danny (Nick Frost) sounds like a winner – and Pegg even reveals that a spin-off featuring two of Hot Fuzz’s best bit-part players was kicked around.

“We also had an idea for a spin-off with the Andys, with Paddy [Considine] and Rafe [Spall],” Pegg said, referring to the two Sanford detectives that remain thorns in Nicholas’ side throughout Hot Fuzz.

But don’t go expecting any Hot Fuzz sequels or spin-offs anytime soon – or ever. “Edgar [Wright] and I, when we've done something, we want to move onto the next thing. All of those films, they have an arc and then they finish... We made Shaun of the Dead, and the sequel to that film is Hot Fuzz, and the sequel to Hot Fuzz is The World's End. They're a thematic trilogy rather than direct sequels.”

It’s disappointing but, hey, as long as Edgar Wright keeps pumping out original cult classics, maybe it’s all for the greater good?

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