Horror Soulslike RPG Lords of the Fallen gets October release date in boss-filled trailer

The rebooted Lords of the Fallen hits PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC on October 13, 2023. 

Hexworks confirmed the previously datamined release date in a new trailer released today. The original Lords of the Fallen launched on October 28 way back in 2014, putting the lead-up to the remake at nine years almost to the day. The studio also confirmed some pre-order bonuses including a couple of bonus consumables and amusingly tiered armor coatings for bronze, silver, and gold.

The trailer is a visually impressive introduction to the world of Mournstead and the blight of the demon god Adry which now afflicts it. You take up the torch of the dark crusader in an effort to free the land, "your flesh made sacrosanct" by a sacred mark which apparently comes with a magic lantern that a lot of extremely nasty bosses would like to steal from you. 

The means and methods by which you fight back against your would-be assailants look very Souls-like indeed. The trailer shows the player character using a variety of different weapons, most physical and magical, as well as quick-dodges and parries to prevail in battles. The second half of the trailer is set to the song 'Fear of the Dark' by Iron Maiden, which is decidedly un-Souls-like, but 100% badass regardless.

Hexworks also revealed all of the new Lords of the Fallen's editions and pre-order bonuses for those looking to secure a copy ahead of launch. The standard edition is just that and includes only the base game, while the Deluxe Edition also includes a digital artbook, a 100-page artbook, a 3D model viewer, and the Dark Crusader starting class. Meanwhile, the definitive Collector's Edition comes with all of that plus a double-sided poster, art cards, a metal case with LED lighting (whoa), a 10" figurine, and the Collector's Edition Steelbook. Pre-ordering any version will get you exclusive bronze, silver, and gold armor tincts as well as some HP, XP, and MP boosts.

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