Horrifying No Man's Sky mod pastes founder's face onto every single character

No Man's Sky head mod WinderTP
(Image credit: WinderTP)

A No Man's Sky mod that replaces character heads with the those of the game's creator has caught Sean Murray's attention.

Sean Murray, founder of No Man's Sky developer Hello Games, recently discovered an Everyone is Sean mod. The mod replaces every character's head with a 3D rendering of Murray's and he's jokingly asking people to delete it and not download it.

The mod is available for those running No Man's Sky on PC and while the photo used to create the 3D rendering doesn't have the weird and creepy smile, when in-game, Murray's head sports a grin that makes my blood run cold. Seeing the one large room populated with Murray heads is certainly something very creepy and almost gives off Aphex Twin vibes.

The mod, created by WinderTP and released on June 22, can also be used with other mods. And as someone linked on Murray's tweet, he can be made to face off against a bunch of Thomas the Tank Engines in a dramatic battle if you so wish.

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It's nice to see Murray having fun with a harmless mod, and it's certainly a showcase of the No Man's Sky community enjoying their company. The game has just received a major Prisms update that improves the game's overall visuals, including the new weather effects, details on the planet, stars twinkling, and lots more.

The Prisms update is the third major update to land in the game this year, with April introducing the Expeditions update to allow players to enjoy a shared adventure. And then back in February, a Companions update allowed players to tame wild creatures and have them join them in their adventures.

The game has also seen an impressive Easter egg that found Hello Games working with BioWare and EA to have Mass Effect's SSV Normandy SR1 fly over the game's world. Something that excited a large number of players in No Man's Sky. This was a part of a celebration for BioWare's Mass Effect Legendary Edition release last month.

If you're looking into exploring the universe then we have some of the best No Man's Sky tips to get you space-ready.

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