Horizon: Zero Dawn update will make photo mode even cooler with special poses

Horizon: Zero Dawn's next update will be a game changer. That is, a selfie game changer. Developer Guerrilla Games is kicking up the game's already impressive photo mode options with new features to show the many sides of Aloy, including new facial expressions and poses. Here are a few sample images to show what you can do with them.

The heart hands are absolutely adorable. Update 1.20, which is coming next week, will also add the option to make Aloy look at the camera (a surprisingly difficult task for game photographers), as well as new photo filters, a rule-of-thirds grid, and even a postcard style "Greetings From" image overlay. 

Outside of photo mode, the update will finally add the option to change camera sensitivity. You'll even be able to hide Aloy's headgear so you still get the stat bonuses but don't have to look at the wacky future-pre-historic fashion. Doing your post-apocalyptic barter business has also been significantly streamlined with the option to mark multiple items for sale at once and an easy way to sell entire stacks at once. The full patch notes are available on Sony's site.

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Connor Sheridan

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